Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tool #3: Online Video and Images

Discovery Education in an invaluable resource that I already use all the time in my classroom.  I have put video links into flipcharts and downloaded many videos to my computer.

Here are my two videos:

Copyright and Fair Use:  It is very important to know the laws on these issues and also to know where you can find resources that are available to use without violating the laws. I did not know that as long as students/teachers are publishing content to a secure location (walled garden, educational network or website that require passwords, etc.) they can pretty much do whatever they want – as far as creating products for instruction or to demonstrate learning.  The free online tool http://librarycopyright.net/etool/index.php?startOver=true is very helpful and I will definitely tell my students about it.

I already have a Dropbox account, but have not used it much in my classroom because there are so many other places available to save/share work like in Google Docs.

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