Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tool #4: Moving Up To The Clouds

I have already used Google Apps extensively in my classroom.  All of my students have a blogspot where they post their digital products.  We have also used Google Docs to write and share and collaborate.  This is an amazing tool and has revolutionized how we do work in the classroom.  My favorite part is that kids can no longer lose their work and have access 24/7.  The collaboration possibilities are endless and being able to comment on their work online saves so much paper!  In their last writing assignment I was able to use the revision history to check on how much revision they did and also when they did it.

I recently developed a Passion Based Learning Project using Google Docs and when the entire school decided to use it, sharing the document was a snap!  I also learned how to import all the email addresses from Skyward so that I can quickly share documents with all of my students as well.

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