Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tools: #6

Here is a link to a VoiceThread I created: Boston Massacre
I can see how this could be a useful tool for discussing a political cartoon or other image in social studies.  I think students would be more engaged using this tool and be more careful in what they post as comments knowing that others will see it.

Here is a link to an Edmodo Account I experimented with.  Edmodo for Vergult
I have not actually used this for my classes this year, but would love to set up all the assignments for the next unit I teach in here to see how it goes.

I have used TodaysMeet several times over the past two years to have a discussion on a novel.  I also created a Flipchart presentation for using TodaysMeet for the Technology Blitz last summer.  I love this tool because it helps me evaluate what everyone contributes AND everyone must contribute.

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  1. I think you would really like Edmodo! It can really extend the conversation outside of the school day! You can also embed resources from other tools like Google Docs, Glogster, etc.

    I think Voicethread is also a really great tool. we are looking into piloting the edu version next year!