Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tool #11

My favorite tools are in Google. I use blogger to help students learn how to create and post their work online. They are getting really familiar with what embed codes are and love having a digital portfolio of their work in my class. When we get our iPads in March, I cannot wait to try the apps Notability and Educreations Interactive Whiteboard as a new way to get students to share what they have learned in small groups.

My thinking has been in a constant state of transformation for many years now. After going through the ActivBoard trainings, T3 Grant trainings, attending the TCEA conferences, and now these 11 tools, each year I feel I get more and more proficient in understanding what changes need to be made in my classroom. This year I developed a goal of trying to go almost completely paperless, which has been quite a challenge. I plan to continue to grow and stay current on what is out there and feel fortunate to be one of the leaders in my school. I am the ActivEducator for my campus and have been lucky to get a lot of training from the district all the time. I am also very interested in breaking down the walls of my classroom to connect to other classrooms in our school and out in the world.

I was happy and surprised to learn that I am already doing a lot of the things I learned in this training, but also happy to learn even more!


  1. Going paperless must be quite a challenge without being in a 1-to-1 environment. You have always been a great adopter of new technologies. I hope to learn more from you and your students this spring!

  2. So glad you are our new librarian! You know so much about technology.