Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tool #9

1. Teachers should always start with the curriculum first, and then think about what technology tool, if any, would enhance a learning experience for kids. Otherwise, just like students, the teachers can get lost in the technology and loose site of what the leaning objectives are.
2. There should always be an accountability piece included in technology centers so that students can reflect on what they are learning and teachers can ascertain whether or not their students mastered the learning objective. Teachers cannot be everywhere at once to make sure students are on task in this type of learning environment, but will have time later to go back and check for understanding in all the groups.
3. Thinkfinity has a lesson called In the Courts, where there is a series of short video clips for kids to watch. At the end of each clip, is a question that students can answer. Students could answer these questions on a blog page, record themselves answering it using the built in cameras on their computers or iPads, or simply type up their answers in a Google document to share with their teacher.
The SBISD database has tons of stuff for Social Studies that I could use. There are lots of flipcharts already created that kids could use in a small group at the ActivBoards. Kids can record themselves using the record feature found in the tools on the Inspire software to answer questions.
4. Educreations Interactive Whiteboard could be used for example with kids after reading some text to share with pictures, voice recordings, and drawings a summary of what they read or a teacher could create a lesson for kids to look at in small groups.
Playtime Theater could be used to create a puppet show reenacting a certain event in a novel or in history.
5. Students could also use the iPad to watch a videoclip that the teacher has downloaded from Discovery Education and then record themselves discussing that video using the camera on the iPad. The teacher could provide guiding questions for them to discuss.

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